Our Process

HeadphonesThe process that involves bringing a song, an EP, or an album from concept to completion is going to be a highly-customized approach for each artist.The creative process in the studio is a personal journey – much like the creative process a songwriter goes through when searching for the precise melody, lyrics, tone, and feel during the multifaceted stages of composing.

Here is a chronological guideline that TinWolf works from in developing a successful partnership with each artist.

  • An in-studio, free consultation to review material and provide an opportunity for the songwriter to get a feel for the studio environment.
  • Discussion of a timeline for the project, including the scheduling of initial studio time. TinWolf provides plenty of flexibility in accommodating its clients. While some may be able book large blocks of studio time, many have to work around a full-time job and other commitments – which is why the studio is open seven days a week.
  • The first recording session, which includes reviewing the first song and discussion of ideas for the arrangement and instrumentation.
  • Guitar PlayerRecord the bedtrack, which is a guide track used for recording different parts of the song.
  • Subsequent recording sessions
  • Record vocals and/or instrumentation tracks
  • TinWolf writes and records the accompaniment tracks
  • Review accompanying tracks with client
  • Mix the song
  • Progress to recording next song

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