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  TinWolf Now Offering Studio Tracks to Enhance Singer-Songwriter Home Recording Projects. We write and record tracks to further develop your material and help you achieve the full potential of your music, whether it’s folk, blues, pop, or rock. Here’s how it works: 

  • You bring in the bedtracks (either rhythm guitar or piano, lead vocal guide, and click track) from your home studio and sit down with our award-winning producer/musician to work out ideas for the arrangement.
  • We go to work writing and recording the backing tracks for your song. In addition to drums and bass, we can also add different guitar parts, keyboards (i.e., piano, organ, strings, etc), and background harmony.

If you don’t have a home studio we can record the bedtracks here at our standard hourly rate. We can also mix your project and bring it to radio ready quality.  

TinWolf Studios Offers Tips in Preparing for Each Session
  • Come rehearsed and ready to perform. Practicing should be done at home.
  • Come with lyrics, music and/or chord progressions. You can also email them to the studio ahead of time.
  • If playing guitar, make sure the strings have been changed recently
  • Remember, the recording of each session will not sound polished until it is edited and mixed. Think of each session as a draft until that time.

To learn more about the studio and availability, contact us or request a quote!